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Put This On Your Playlist

Put This On Your Playlist highlights the best new urban music that you should put on your playlist. This episode features songs by B.O.B, Ciara, Freeway, Usher, Saucy Santana, E40, Chloe, Onyx and more.

The first episode of Go-Go Beginnings has been taped, edited, and submitted to air on TV the first week in April on Arlington Independent Media

Show one features Crystal Baptiste a Go-Go fan for over 40 years whose love of Go-Go started at 10 years old.

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Who is ready to be on the next episode of Go-Go Beginnings and let us know WHERE YOUR LOVE OF GO-GO BEGAN?

My Week in Sports: 3/20/23

UrHero SupaTim talks about sports rom the week that was the week that will be but only the sports that matter to me. This week I talk about round one and two of the NCAA Men’s Tournament, the first week of NFL free agency and the Wizards woes as they try to make the playoffs

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JAY-ZNET WORTH NOW $2.5 BILLION According To Forbes

Jay-Z is still very much a business, mannnn … according to Forbes, the Roc Nation rapper is now worth a jaw-dropping $2.5 billion following the sale of his alcohol brand.

The updated ranking from Friday makes Hov the 1,203rd richest person in the world.

Back in February, Jay sold his 50% stake of his D’USSÉ cognac back to its parent company Bacardi for a reported $750 million after a tense court battle … and still retains sizeable ownership in the brand.

Bernard Arnault, CEO of LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton, is still the richest person in the world with a net worth of $216.1 billion … but bragging rights for the most-paid rapper currently sit with Jigga.

Not only that, Billboard recently named him “The Best Rapper Of All-Time,” and he holds the most Grammys for a rapper with 24. Lil Wayne recently disputed Jay’s title with open regard — and gained support from respected personality Angie Martinez — but given the stack of Hov’s #1’s, that could be a highly contested debate.

Blockbuster Video Teases Possible Return With Mysterious Website

Fans of the video-rental store

Please be kind and rewind yourselves to an era where Blockbuster Video ruled suburbia — because the movie-rental giant might be making a comeback.

The business quietly relaunched its online presence with little information this week. Its website currently features Blockbuster’s blue and yellow logo, with text below the logo reading: “We are working on rewinding your movie.”

Those born during the era of physical media will remember the “Be kind, rewind” phrase from stickers on Blockbuster’s VHS cassettes. The slogan reminded renters to be courteous to the next customer by rewinding tapes before returning them — or be hit with a fine.

Fans of the 20th-century chain have since taken to Twitter to wax nostalgic about its potential return.


“THIS IS NOT A DRILL!” exclaimed another, alongside a screenshot of the new Blockbuster website.

One fan proudly declared: “If Blockbuster ever made a comeback I would happily cancel my Netflix subscription.”